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Depth of Beauty

Dance frees up the release of that beauty that is within all of us. With the mixture of the music, the technique and the inner beauty awareness not only can we, the dancers, enjoy that delightful feeling of freedom, release and beauty but we too can then share this with our audience. I am such a lucky person to have the privilege to share this with your children-they are all so very special to me, thank you Mummies and Daddies.

It is through performance that we are able to share this loveliness with our audience and this is one reason that iDance encourages Eisteddfods. This week has been a very busy preparation term. iDance entered the Victorian Performing Arts Eisteddfod in Melbourne and our troupe students are performing all weekend and solo students next weekend. Monday and Tuesday are our ballet examinations and students have been working so very hard to achieve an unspoiled final completion of their chosen art of Dance.

This preparation has also lead me to thinking about the preparation of our sons and daughters. We are all doing such a wonderful job juggling with so many balls up in the air, even though we don’t often think we are. Give yourself credit for all of your efforts, even the ‘fails’ because it is in this process that we learn a new way, sometimes the right way. We are so busy ‘juggling’ that we sometimes forget to prepare our kids for this BODY IMAGE quandary that maybe you suffer too! I was a sufferer and got through the other side! It’s a dreadful place to be. Let them see that you love your body!

Please click the image above. iDance is working toward a collaboration with the Body Image Movement - this is very important to us! Watch this space!

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