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Classical Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance and is based on techniques developed over centuries. It is a disciplined art form that places great emphasis on the correct technical execution of movement.


iDance provides ballet classes in both the Cecchetti method, an internationally recognised syllabus, and the Vaganova Method, through the Ballet Conservatoire (BC) for every age group up until the senior levels. 


Both are known for timeless principles of grace, balance, beautiful lines, artistry and the sense of self within dance.


Our wonderful qualified teacher Jacqueline Kornmann, is committed to providing a stable and secure foundation for each student’s learning. Whether for recreational enjoyment or the beginnings of a career in dance, our iDance syllabus is carefully structured to ensure each student’s training is progressed through the grades and meets the balance of age and ability.


We begin student training with the Cecchetti syllabus with our Baby Ballerina, Kinda Ballet and Prep Ballet classes. Ballet Conservatoire Vaganova method (BC) commences for students commencing Pre Primary ACB and continue through the training up to Diploma or the Associate teaching degree if required :

Baby Ballerinas - Pre Kindergarten students        

Kinda Ballet - Kindergarten students 

Prep Ballet - Prep at school          

Pre Primary BC - Grade 1 at school 

Primary BC - Grade 2 at school 

Preparatory Level 1 BC (To be assessed on ability) 

Level 1 BC (To be assessed on ability) 

Level 2 BC (To be assessed on ability) 

Level 3 BC (To be assessed on ability) 

Level 4 BC (To be assessed on ability) 

Level 5 BC (To be assessed on ability)

Senior BC (To be assessed on ability)

Excellence (To be assessed on ability)


Our Ballet syllabus is designed to teach ballet movements, terms and concepts, in a way that is appropriate for the children’s level of cognitive and physical development. Ballet helps children build strength, coordination and musicality, while engaging their imagination. It teaches poise, correct posture, rhythmical sense and musicality, while ensuring the lessons remain fun!

The study of Classical Ballet at iDance will require your student to work very diligently to learn their assessment work, therefore increasing their overall quality of ballet.  Please understand and encourage your children to practice their assessment work at home so that they then have the ability to present and perform their learnt work, which in turn allows them to strive for the excellence required for the study of the art of Classical Ballet.


We offer Ballet Conservatoire Examinations once a year to chosen students that are studying Ballet in the minimum number of classes required per week.

Refer to the Pre School Baby Ballerina program for students aged 3 – 5.


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