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iDance offers students the opportunity to perform as soloists or in a group at various competitions.


iDance Showcase teams are designed for students who are seeking more performance opportunities and to:


- Gain stage presence and performance skills

- Work as part of a team

- Improve confidence

- Learn how to pick up choreography quickly

- Expand knowledge of dance steps and movements


Showcase competitions are a lot of fun, and require an extra level of commitment from both the students and parents.  iDance competition teams compete at one or two competitions throughout the year on weekends and sometimes during school holidays.


All participants must be taking the foundation class for the particular style to be considered for the group and would be required to start this at the start of Term one, due to the choreographic, spacing, technique and refinement requirements, no late enrolments will be accepted.


iDance currently offer Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap Showcase classes.


There are additional costs associated with being involved in a competition team with a $110 Showcase fee per Showcase class. This will include your Showcase Costume and all entrance fees. If you are a new Showcase students, there will be an opportunity to purchase a personalised Showcase Jacket. 


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