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Welcome to my story!


Welcome...welcome...welcome to my story! I have been wanting to keep all of our i-Dance family informed of goings on and have finally managed to have the time today, on this absolutely beautiful spring day!

Our ornamental pear out on our farm


I've been quite sick over the last two weeks, and now, as I am gaining strength, I have realised that I am also urging my students to gain strength in their lives as well. It looks like since my sickness I have been on a mission to advise our beautiful dancers to engage in ideas to help them to generate a stronger mindset, to help them to see that they can encourage themselves to act and live with more strength, to inch closer to their dream and where they really want to be in life.

I believe you can do it!


I just want all of our lovely families to know that when your children are at 'our place' they will be treated with love and kindness. I-Dance is a very safe and secure place for your babies. We have a Child Safe Policy that demonstrates a commitment to your children's rights to safety and participation. Next term our teachers will be encouraging students to express their views and 'have a say' about things that are important to them. We will help them to know what to do if they feel unsafe and will listen to and act on any concerns of your children.

If you are interested to view our Code of Conduct or our Child Safety Policy, please feel free to ask our beautiful Cass at our front desk.

You are so beautiful Evie


This universe has blessed me with a wonderful gift - the gift of the love of dance as well as the ability to encourage beautiful young people to strive toward their dream, be stronger and live a healthy and happy life. A beautiful ex student and teacher tagged me in this post (below) on Facebook yesterday, and I was not only really touched but also reminded of what it is that I will continue to build...and forever cherish.

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