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Pre School-Classes- Jazz/Acro, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop           

$13 per class (45 Minute Class)

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Tap, Hip Hop, Performing Arts and Showcase Classes

$17 per class (60 Minute Class

or 75 Minutes for Preparatory Level 1 Ballet and above)

Class Packages

For students that do multiple classes per term (Based on a 10 week term)

1 Class- $170

2 Classes- $306.11

3 Classes- $495

4 Classes- $612

5 Classes- $765

Unlimited Package- $910

Our class packages give students who do multiple classes a discount on their overall fees. The unlimited packages allows students to take as many classes a week as they would like. This package is designed for students who are taking 7 or more classes a week. The package includes showcase classes however excludes any form of private lessons. 

Private Lesson Fees

Our Staff have a wide range of experience and expertise. Please contact us to discuss times that they are available. 

Jacqui- $44 per lesson

Courtney- $35 per lesson

Kiralee- $32 per lesson

Cass- $30 per lesson

Darcy- $30 per lesson

Abbey- $28 per lesson




We require payment prior to the commencement of your child's/ your first class.  In the case where a child is undertaking a trial of a class, we expect payment prior to the second class should your child choose to go ahead with their chosen style. Please contact us if you require payment arrangements.

Unfortunately, students will not be able to participate in the class if the above terms have not been met.  


Please be aware that class placements are in high demand, and we have an extensive waiting list, so ensuring your child’s ongoing training at i-Dance, timely fee payments are crucial. While we do our best to accommodate individual situations, i-Dance will defer to our waiting list of paying clients in the event of negligence of fees. If you require support to make payment such as a payment plan, please contact us- we are happy to assist where possible. 

Also, while we are thrilled with your interest in joining the school, placements are limited and the submission of timely enrolment enquiry - while it will give you a distinct advantage - can't guarantee a place in one of our classes. If classes are full, we will place you on the waiting list and hope to accommodate you when there is availability.




In Term 3, there will be an additional fee for the classes your child is taking to provide their Annual Concert Costume. Costumes will remain the property of the student, this is not a hire fee and there is no sewing! If students undertake showcase, there will be a costume fee in term two per showcase class. 



All children who come to iDance Echuca have a right to feel and be safe. The welfare of the children in our care will always be our first priority. We aim to create a child safe and child friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun.


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