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iDance has a commitment to the holistic training of the complete dancer, offering expert dance training, mentorship and guidance.
To be eligible for Pointe work at iDance, students must take three ballet classes each week and follow Lisa Howell’s Pointe Stage suggestions They must complete the doming exercise, toe swapping, piano and big toe pushes and rises (parallel and turned out x 10 times) every day. Students must also continue to work on core muscles (pelvic floor, transverse abdominal and multifidus) with the board and supplementary exercises from Jacqui.
Students must also consult a physiotherapist prior to the study of Pointe work to ensure they are ready for the study. The safety of young bodies is paramount here at iDance.
Whilst we encourage students to purchase their own for their at home practise, we have many tools available such as torque boards and attachments and encourage you to start early of stay later after your class to access these.
We encourage you to be thoughtful of other sporting activities that your child may participate in. The fast stopping and twisting nature of some sports may promote injury therefore young dancers must sometimes sacrifice other physical activities if they wish to proceed with the study of Pointe work.
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