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Crossing the border is now a possibility

Hello families.  You are all doing an amazing job, coping with the Pandemic, especially our New South Wales families, who have the added stress of even more disruption! Today I have heard from numerous families that they were able to obtain permission to bring their children across the bridge under the 'other educational purpose' reason. Obviously, many families are unable to 'zoom' due to the unsafe dance space reason (please see factsheet below).  In particular, it is extremely important to dance on a safe floor. Together, we will allow the children of Echuca and Moama the freedom they deserve to continue their creative outlet, to allow freedom and happiness into their lives. Stay safe, everyone, Jacqui x

How is Dance Educational?

Dance is a VET, VCE and HSC subject that assists in gaining a university placement. Jacqui is qualified to teach the subjects above, and has an HSC Dance and a VCE dance student at iDance. We study for examinations. Dance is also a vocational education, creating so many different career pathways. (Eg: teacher, dancer, choreographer, theatre admin, yoga instructor, pilates instructor, marketing, dance photographer, costuming or clothing designer, dance physiotherapist specialist, director, producer, and the list can go on and on.)


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