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Performing ARts/Musical Theatre

Our iDance Performing Arts/Musical Theatre Course is only new for 3rd term, and so we have decided to start it as a little bit of a ‘taster class’, jam packed full of ‘everything performance’!


With this ‘taster’ class, you will experience all aspects of performing Arts and Musical Theatre in nice ‘quick short bursts’, including confidence building, teamwork, improv and the like.  


If you ABSOLUTELY LOVE this class (which you will), then you can decide if you would like to study this further and join our soon to open Performing Arts/Musical Theatre Course, which will comprise of much more thorough study of the Dramatic Arts, Dance, Music and Voice, where you will perform not only at our iDance Concert, but also perform BIG MUSICAL NUMBERS at Competitions around the state, and more!


If this is a class you are interested in, please make sure you BOOK for 3rd term! 

Classes are  Fridays at 5.30

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