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New Payment System-commencing Term 3


Jester Jane
Jester Jane
Jun 11, 2020

How long have we got to pay term 3 both me and Ella are forced to self isolate due to a minor cold for 5 days until are results from hospital are called in.Im unable to come in to pay for a while.


Unknown member
May 31, 2020

Hi Sam, As yet we don’t have our 3rd term payment options online-we will let you know when they’re ready to go, Cheers


How do we pay for term three? I can only see term two items in the shop????


Unknown member
May 25, 2020

Yep, term 3 will be back to normal, cheers


Hi Jac. Has Term 3 been confirmed as returning to full classes as normal- at the normal times? Thanks.

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