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Your flaws uniquely add to your beauty

This little quote means so very much. How true it is too! Our uniqueness is what makes us so special. I was chatting with a very special and unique person yesterday about the fact that they were so very lucky that they were confident enough to wear whatever they wanted to wear and didn't feel the insecurity to feel they had to wear what everyone else was wearing. I feel we can relate this experience to this quote too.

You could consider this at most moments of our lives, and we must work hard to influence our children to understand this important message from Japanese culture.


We would like to congratulate our beautiful young Eisteddfod Troupe students from little girls that are only 6 right through to our Under 17 students. They worked so hard toward their final Eisteddfod -'Victorian Performing Arts Competition' last weekend. We all had such a ball at both eisteddfods and were lucky enough to come home with quite a few ribbons.

Our solo and duo students are still performing up until the end of next weekend, and we wish them all 'chooka's'. It takes a long time to prepare troupe's - all parents and guardians should also be very proud of their efforts toward their children's happy memories that they are providing them with. Thank you all so from 'your girls'


We had 40 of our beautiful young ballet students participate in their very first Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Examinations on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone was very excited and enjoyed the experience. These girls also worked so very hard toward their examinations, some of the girls had to take Sunday sessions almost all term (parents, so sorry, you will be happy for a little rest now!)

Valmai Roberts travelled from Melbourne to examine our students. Valmai is the main lecturer at the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet. She danced at the Joffrey Ballet as a soloist and also at the Australian Ballet. We were so very thrilled to have her at our little school and we are excited to read her knowledgable feedback.


Feeling like you need a little 'calm' in your life? Do you feel like winter has seized you up a little, and you need a little freshening up? Why not come along and join our 8 week yoga sessions? We would love to see you there! (dependant upon numbers)


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