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Dancing in Red

Production Company

Say Hello to your new production co.

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Founder: Jacqui Kornmann

Jacqui has  spent all of her life working in performance and dance, developed her own dance school, and after having worked as a dancer in her early 20’s in Japan, discovered life changing experiences, met such beautiful Japanese friends and now calls them her extended family.


Jacqui believes the responsibility that came with her Japanese career in dance helped set her up for life.

iDance Productions

iDance production co. has presented over 10 years of performances and is ready to launch the careers of many Australian dancers, as well as providing audiences with spectacular and engaging musical theatre.


Be transported by the atmosphere and excitement of a Parisian-themed revue with a parade of amazingly entertaining exquisitely bejewelled dancers as the stage comes to life.


Don’t miss your chance to fall under the charm of the beauty of the Australian dancers. You will never forget this pure Parisian themed spectacle.

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