Nurtured under the sunny skies of Echuca, our beautiful students at iDance realise that although technique is very important, there is much more than just technique that moves both the audience and ourselves to feel enriched and empowered, it is our hearts, our spirits and our souls that want to create magic.


All you need is the passion to step into iDance Echuca, where you can find a myriad of dance classes that will unleash your creativity and hidden confidence. At iDance our experienced teaching staff can offer you any dance style you wish! 


iDance Echuca is one of Echuca’s most popular and well-renowned dance studios, located in Central Echuca. We offer a large variety of classes to cater for diverse ages, abilities, and goals. Within their impressive facilities, iDance provides a high standard of teaching staff, and disciplined training in all areas of dance and performing arts. Whether students decide to pursue dancing to the professional level or simply dance for enjoyment, they will certainly enjoy their time spent at iDance and develop valuable skills, which they can apply in all aspects of life.

3rd Term Timetable

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424 High Street, Echuca, Victoria, 3564 Australia

03 54 803558

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